A downloadable game for Windows

You are waiting for the bus and desperately need to fart, but without the lady next to you hearing it.

So use the right moment, when cars and other vehicles drive by, to sneak your fart (you do that by pressing F (fart) button).

You can also press S (for silent fart) any time, and it will lower your pressure bar.

If the pressure bar fills or you fart while no car around, you lose the game.

Programming by Ivan Komnenovic


Graphics by Kara


Game will probably be updated on some issues, difficulty for example, to easy so far, but also web (html) and Android versions are coming soon.

Have fun playing it !!!

Install instructions

Download the game (file) as .exe.

Double click it and the game will run and start itself.

It is single runtime executable, and does not need installation.

It will run in 800 x 600 separate window and you can always turn it off on "Quit" button or "X" in top right corner.


Sneaky Cheeks.exe 6 MB

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